Writer Meme’s

Been struggling this weekend with writing. Anyone else ever struggle just to sit and write? Thought I’d share some meme’s that picked me up and helped kick me in the butt to write again.

Happy Monday to everyone!

50 Word Prompts

I’m trying something new as a writer because I’m stuck on a few chapters. I need something to write they will get me flowing again so I started this 50 Word prompt. I get one word a day and I have to write a 50 word story on they word.

I will post each one here just to help everyone they needs it.

What do you do to get unstuck from a scene in your current work in progress? Would love to hear your ideas.

Here is Thursday’s Writing Prompt: BAIT

Tonight’s Writing Prompt is: FREEZE

Tomorrow I’ll be back with my new prompt!

Don’t forget to leave a comment if you like my stories or if you have suggestions on how to move past a scene your stuck in!