Flash Fiction – Photo prompt

Unforeseen Exile

There was a time when the worlds were not visible to each other. We were all human and lived in blissful denial of anything existing outside of Earth.
Three years ago Kochara was discovered and they closed off the area to outsiders. Towns nearby were all overtaken by the military and they were bought out with the excuse of building a military base with a lot of heavy security at every road in.
Kochara is a universe that is parallel to Earth. It is accessed through large glacier opening in the middle Chain Lake. I live in the forest near the lake and not many know that I am here. I was able to keep hidden and explore when the military presence was lower and the Klon family in Kochara have helped me hide when the area near my home on earth was being investigated. So far no human has discovered me.
Today I woke at the Klons, when the rumble started. It is just a bit of a vibration, shaking the floor and surrounding items on the shelves around me. Weird.
I go into the living room and find the Klons gathered there, with the looks of fear on their faces.
Mr. Klon looks at me and says, “You must leave immediately Ammorah, I fear the humans are closing the rift. If they succeed, you will be stuck here in Kochara. Hurry, let’s go!”
We rush to the hill. As we approach the top, we feel another huge vibration that shakes us so hard we tumble down the embankment, rolling all the way to the bottom. We stand a little shaken as we see the ice and snow fall into the opening, closing Earth off from Kochara.
I fall to my knees sobbing, “That’s my home! IT’S GONE!!”

By: CK Quill

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