I like to write poems. They help me to express emotions and to get out the thoughts and feelings that get a little stuck and block my writing. I write a poem or two and then I can put the poem away and get back to my writing. It helps a lot when I have writers block or can’t find the inspiration to write.

I thought on Friday’s I would share a poem that I’ve written that week. Let me know what you think! Are you a writer or poet – What do you do to help you get unstuck or get past writers block? I would love to hear what others do when they are stuck!

Lost Love

He’s in the clouds, rain & suns beams

He’s in every breath you take

He’s in the kids & in your dreams

And in your soul that feels the ache

He whispers your name

Listen closely, you will hear

There’s no more pain,

No more fear.

You can feel him around you

Arms encircling, warm caress blows

Feel the love, that only you knew

He’s around you in all that glows

One day you will be together

It won’t seem so very long,

Watch for his fallen feather

And listen for his song

By: CK Quill

That is a poem I wrote about my husband who passed away two years ago. As time moves forward and the kids are starting to heal, I find I am drawn to writing about him when I am stuck or have writers block. I think it is my hearts way of acknowledging he is still a big part of me and my everyday. Once I’ve gotten that on paper and read it back, I feel a little better and I am able to write my novel again.

Thanks for checking in and reading my poem! Have a wonderful night everyone!

5 thoughts on “Poetry Friday’s

  1. This poem is extremely beautiful. It feels like the type of poem whose meaning is eternal, and whose words will be read and felt by all. I’m sorry for your loss

    To answer your quiestion, I’m both a poet and a writer! (in my head, because in reality I’m just a student). There are so many times when I feel I can’t write, and everything I put down looks so wrong. That’s when I get to reading! I find that reading books and poetry helps me get into a creative mindset and breaks writer’s block.

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    1. Thank you for your wonderful words.
      I completely agree about the reading too! Reading helps me get distracted from being stuck as it transports me to the story itself.
      That is awesome that reading helps you get in a creative mindset and breaks your writers block.
      I truly believe we all need something to help us through the block otherwise we will constantly spin in the cycle.

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      1. I. Am a google maps local guide. I am a top 5
        Percent writer covering my town of Davie Florida. Writing local reviews gives me a steady outlet . Thank you for following reviewsucanuse.home.blog
        Veres page was created as an outlet for my own personal expressions ,
        At the end of my wolf tale “
        Echo and Canyon “ I wrote where this inspiration came. It is in the epilogue.Finally,
        I wrote “Gil” to honor the
        Legacy of my childhood dog!
        If not for her, I would not be on this earth .Thankfully her heroics will be left for next generations ! I hope this helped!

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