I spent the day in the mountains with my girls on Sunday and loved every minute of it. I took lots of photos of the mountains, the flowers, wildlife and all the nature around me. Of course, I also took photos of my girls too.

Upon getting home Sunday evening, I downloaded all the photos to my computer so I could look up some of the beautiful flowers I found and learn their names. I was quite tired after the hike and decided to log all the flowers Monday.

I started looking up the flowers one by one. I would look up Alberta flowers in the mountains and compare picutres to the ones I took and try to find a match. Some of them that I found were easy as I was pretty sure they were common flowers I’d seen before. Flowers like the buttercup, Alberta wild rose, and the red paintbrush.

There were two flowers that were difficult to find and when I did I sent photos to a friend to confirm it was the same flower as I was shocked. I found a tower larkspur, the purple one and a Scorpion Weed. My friend who hikes a lot and knows tons about the native plants and flowers confirmed what we found.

Tower Larkspur is a beautiful purple blue flower that was about one and half foot tall. The girls went to play by the river, seeing if they could skip rocks and I stayed and decided to take pictures of all these flowers. I was so shocked to see so many varieties and the colours were amazing. The Tower Larkspur reminded me of a hanging bell. Looking it up in the flower guide, I found out they will get to around 5 to 8 feet eventually and have over 50 flowers on each plant. It turns out it is highly toxic to cattle that roam freely in the mountain ranges. It is one of the biggest reasons that cattle will die, as after they eat the flowers and surrounding grass, they will get bloat which is secondary to muscle paralysis and both contribute to rapid death of the cattle! It is so crazy that it is so toxic.

The other flower I found was this beautiful purple flower with these yellow balls at then end of every flowers bud. It wasn’t finished blooming and you could see that it had more buds to open. I didn’t know what the yellow was and having pollen allergies I didn’t dare touch it as I didn’t want an allergy attack for the two and half hour drive back into the city. This flower is called Scorpion Weed! The name is scary too! It turns out that it was a real good thing I didn’t touch it as it is extremely toxic to humans, just by touch!

This is the flower that was most shoking! I am so glad the girls and I never touched it!! That would have really awful!

Have you ever been on a hike or walk, seen some nice plants or flowers and later found out they were poisonous or toxic?

Well hope you are all having a wonderful day! I would love to hear what kind of plants or flowers you might have encountered.

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