Poetry Friday’s

I like to write poems. They help me to express emotions and to get out the thoughts and feelings that get a little stuck and block my writing. I write a poem or two and then I can put the poem away and get back to my writing. It helps a lot when I have writers block or can’t find the inspiration to write.

I thought on Friday’s I would share a poem that I’ve written that week. Let me know what you think! Are you a writer or poet – What do you do to help you get unstuck or get past writers block? I would love to hear what others do when they are stuck!

Lost Love

He’s in the clouds, rain & suns beams

He’s in every breath you take

He’s in the kids & in your dreams

And in your soul that feels the ache

He whispers your name

Listen closely, you will hear

There’s no more pain,

No more fear.

You can feel him around you

Arms encircling, warm caress blows

Feel the love, that only you knew

He’s around you in all that glows

One day you will be together

It won’t seem so very long,

Watch for his fallen feather

And listen for his song

By: CK Quill

That is a poem I wrote about my husband who passed away two years ago. As time moves forward and the kids are starting to heal, I find I am drawn to writing about him when I am stuck or have writers block. I think it is my hearts way of acknowledging he is still a big part of me and my everyday. Once I’ve gotten that on paper and read it back, I feel a little better and I am able to write my novel again.

Thanks for checking in and reading my poem! Have a wonderful night everyone!

Pretty Flowers – Deadly Reactions

I spent the day in the mountains with my girls on Sunday and loved every minute of it. I took lots of photos of the mountains, the flowers, wildlife and all the nature around me. Of course, I also took photos of my girls too.

Upon getting home Sunday evening, I downloaded all the photos to my computer so I could look up some of the beautiful flowers I found and learn their names. I was quite tired after the hike and decided to log all the flowers Monday.

I started looking up the flowers one by one. I would look up Alberta flowers in the mountains and compare picutres to the ones I took and try to find a match. Some of them that I found were easy as I was pretty sure they were common flowers I’d seen before. Flowers like the buttercup, Alberta wild rose, and the red paintbrush.

There were two flowers that were difficult to find and when I did I sent photos to a friend to confirm it was the same flower as I was shocked. I found a tower larkspur, the purple one and a Scorpion Weed. My friend who hikes a lot and knows tons about the native plants and flowers confirmed what we found.

Tower Larkspur is a beautiful purple blue flower that was about one and half foot tall. The girls went to play by the river, seeing if they could skip rocks and I stayed and decided to take pictures of all these flowers. I was so shocked to see so many varieties and the colours were amazing. The Tower Larkspur reminded me of a hanging bell. Looking it up in the flower guide, I found out they will get to around 5 to 8 feet eventually and have over 50 flowers on each plant. It turns out it is highly toxic to cattle that roam freely in the mountain ranges. It is one of the biggest reasons that cattle will die, as after they eat the flowers and surrounding grass, they will get bloat which is secondary to muscle paralysis and both contribute to rapid death of the cattle! It is so crazy that it is so toxic.

The other flower I found was this beautiful purple flower with these yellow balls at then end of every flowers bud. It wasn’t finished blooming and you could see that it had more buds to open. I didn’t know what the yellow was and having pollen allergies I didn’t dare touch it as I didn’t want an allergy attack for the two and half hour drive back into the city. This flower is called Scorpion Weed! The name is scary too! It turns out that it was a real good thing I didn’t touch it as it is extremely toxic to humans, just by touch!

This is the flower that was most shoking! I am so glad the girls and I never touched it!! That would have really awful!

Have you ever been on a hike or walk, seen some nice plants or flowers and later found out they were poisonous or toxic?

Well hope you are all having a wonderful day! I would love to hear what kind of plants or flowers you might have encountered.

Fresh Air, Mountains and Writing Inspiration

We drove for a couple of hours and went to the mountains. I wanted to spend time with my girls and I wanted a way to refresh my mind.

I was looking for some writing inspiration and a refresher for my mind and soul. I find the fresh air, mountains and glacier lakes to be so awe-inspiring and soothing.

We left early and got back after supper. We hiked up a 1000ft climb, then hiked 6 km around this glacier fed lake, crossed over a river into sheep wild land park and then set up a picnic lunch for the girls and myself on a fallen over log. Then we spent the afternoon exploring – we found tons of wildflowers, a small water fall, snails in the glacier lake and even found a birds nest in a pine tree. It was an amazing day. It rained a little on us at the very beginning of the morning. But otherwise it was a sunny and warm day.

There is something about nature that is so raw and awe-inspiring. And the creative juices for my book are buzzing.

I am going to go write now so I can get the ideas down and don’t forget. Have a great night everyone (or good afternoon if you are in a different time zone).

Facebook Glitch Issues

Hello everyone.

After hours of fighting with my computer, then browsing the internet, watching some you tube video’s and then getting my oldest teen to help me research, we found out that facebook can no longer be linked to WordPress because of copyright issues in the past.

So I had to get creative and come up with a graphic, so I could add my facebook page. I had a little fun creating it. Who knew I would enjoy the technical creations so much.

Now we are here today and I am sharing my graphic that I worked on.

I started a new Facebook page to share my writings and to connect with others that write. Would love to connect if you are on Facebook!

Well I am off to the mountains for the day to get some inspiration for my current WIP story. Hope you all have a good day.

Welcome to My Blog

My name is CK and I am an aspiring writer. I have written numerous poems and short stories. I am also working on my first full novel. It is slow work, but I am finding little things that help me get more words into the book. Currently working on a goal of 10,000 words by the end of the month. I joined this online camp called CAMP NANOWRIMO. It is helpful in keeping me accountable but I kind of hoped there would be more peer support. I am learning though where there is good support and where there isn’t.

I guess I will explain a little about me and then check in tomorrow. I just turned 42 and I am a widowed mom to three children. I lost my husband to cancer just after I turned 40. I worked in my 9-6 job for the next year. I went through all the motions that were required and paid the bill, fed the kids, and the dog, and even occasionally planned a couple of trips out of time to see family and go camping. But I hit a point about a year ago where I realized I was barely sleeping, barley living and not being a good parent, and definitely not doing a good job in my day to day work. I made the decision to close my facility and pursue a different career. I started writing again after years of not doing it and found I really enjoyed it and I started to heal.

So here I am a year later and I love writing and I am 2500 words into my book. It is a meagre beginning but it was a lot of planning and outlining and researching to get there. I have a full novel outline, plot and characters, and just finished typing chapter 3. I am feeling good about it and feeling accomplished. I have far to go, but I feel the story in me ready to go. I am excited to feel the story form and come together.

Well that is it for today. Thanks for reading my blog.