NaNoWriMo 2019

Anyone participating this year in NaNo?

I am for the first time ever and I am coincidentally lining it up with my very first novel.

Just over 34,000 words! This is the most I’ve ever written on one story!

I’m so happy with my progress.

Anyone else have milestones they’ve hit? Let’s celebrate them!!

Writer Meme’s

Been struggling this weekend with writing. Anyone else ever struggle just to sit and write? Thought I’d share some meme’s that picked me up and helped kick me in the butt to write again.

Happy Monday to everyone!

50 Word Prompts

I’m trying something new as a writer because I’m stuck on a few chapters. I need something to write they will get me flowing again so I started this 50 Word prompt. I get one word a day and I have to write a 50 word story on they word.

I will post each one here just to help everyone they needs it.

What do you do to get unstuck from a scene in your current work in progress? Would love to hear your ideas.

Here is Thursday’s Writing Prompt: BAIT

Tonight’s Writing Prompt is: FREEZE

Tomorrow I’ll be back with my new prompt!

Don’t forget to leave a comment if you like my stories or if you have suggestions on how to move past a scene your stuck in!

Wednesday’s 300 Words

Flash Fiction – Photo prompt

Unforeseen Exile

There was a time when the worlds were not visible to each other. We were all human and lived in blissful denial of anything existing outside of Earth.
Three years ago Kochara was discovered and they closed off the area to outsiders. Towns nearby were all overtaken by the military and they were bought out with the excuse of building a military base with a lot of heavy security at every road in.
Kochara is a universe that is parallel to Earth. It is accessed through large glacier opening in the middle Chain Lake. I live in the forest near the lake and not many know that I am here. I was able to keep hidden and explore when the military presence was lower and the Klon family in Kochara have helped me hide when the area near my home on earth was being investigated. So far no human has discovered me.
Today I woke at the Klons, when the rumble started. It is just a bit of a vibration, shaking the floor and surrounding items on the shelves around me. Weird.
I go into the living room and find the Klons gathered there, with the looks of fear on their faces.
Mr. Klon looks at me and says, “You must leave immediately Ammorah, I fear the humans are closing the rift. If they succeed, you will be stuck here in Kochara. Hurry, let’s go!”
We rush to the hill. As we approach the top, we feel another huge vibration that shakes us so hard we tumble down the embankment, rolling all the way to the bottom. We stand a little shaken as we see the ice and snow fall into the opening, closing Earth off from Kochara.
I fall to my knees sobbing, “That’s my home! IT’S GONE!!”

By: CK Quill

Tuesday’s Top 10 List

Today’s top 10 list is all about beating writer’s block. This list is just some of the ways that a person can beat writers block. Whether you are a poet, an author or even an aspiring writer, we all hit writers’ block at times. These are some of the ways that we can beat it.

  1. Set a daily writing time!
  2. Read other writers you love.
  3. Read book on writing.
  4. Take 10 minutes to write – even just momentary thoughts.
  5. Set concrete goals and reward yourself when you reach them.
  6. Write poorly. Give yourself permission!
  7. Mix it up or skip sections. Skip the part you’re stuck on till later.
  8. Use thought bubbles to expand your idea.
  9. Change your writing location. Fresh space, fresh thoughts!
  10. Plan writing dates. Get together with a writing buddy to just write.

Some of these ideas have worked for me and I wanted to share. I find the biggest one so far has been to write every day. If I take a day or two off then the writers block is more likely to happen as I am no longer in the writers frame of mind.

Hope these ideas help you combat writers block when you get it.

Thursday’s Three

Three Motivational quotes for writers

Enjoy. I hope it gives you the inspiration to write like it did for me! See you tomorrow for Poetry Friday’s.

Poetry Friday’s

I like to write poems. They help me to express emotions and to get out the thoughts and feelings that get a little stuck and block my writing. I write a poem or two and then I can put the poem away and get back to my writing. It helps a lot when I have writers block or can’t find the inspiration to write.

I thought on Friday’s I would share a poem that I’ve written that week. Let me know what you think! Are you a writer or poet – What do you do to help you get unstuck or get past writers block? I would love to hear what others do when they are stuck!

Lost Love

He’s in the clouds, rain & suns beams

He’s in every breath you take

He’s in the kids & in your dreams

And in your soul that feels the ache

He whispers your name

Listen closely, you will hear

There’s no more pain,

No more fear.

You can feel him around you

Arms encircling, warm caress blows

Feel the love, that only you knew

He’s around you in all that glows

One day you will be together

It won’t seem so very long,

Watch for his fallen feather

And listen for his song

By: CK Quill

That is a poem I wrote about my husband who passed away two years ago. As time moves forward and the kids are starting to heal, I find I am drawn to writing about him when I am stuck or have writers block. I think it is my hearts way of acknowledging he is still a big part of me and my everyday. Once I’ve gotten that on paper and read it back, I feel a little better and I am able to write my novel again.

Thanks for checking in and reading my poem! Have a wonderful night everyone!

Pretty Flowers – Deadly Reactions

I spent the day in the mountains with my girls on Sunday and loved every minute of it. I took lots of photos of the mountains, the flowers, wildlife and all the nature around me. Of course, I also took photos of my girls too.

Upon getting home Sunday evening, I downloaded all the photos to my computer so I could look up some of the beautiful flowers I found and learn their names. I was quite tired after the hike and decided to log all the flowers Monday.

I started looking up the flowers one by one. I would look up Alberta flowers in the mountains and compare picutres to the ones I took and try to find a match. Some of them that I found were easy as I was pretty sure they were common flowers I’d seen before. Flowers like the buttercup, Alberta wild rose, and the red paintbrush.

There were two flowers that were difficult to find and when I did I sent photos to a friend to confirm it was the same flower as I was shocked. I found a tower larkspur, the purple one and a Scorpion Weed. My friend who hikes a lot and knows tons about the native plants and flowers confirmed what we found.

Tower Larkspur is a beautiful purple blue flower that was about one and half foot tall. The girls went to play by the river, seeing if they could skip rocks and I stayed and decided to take pictures of all these flowers. I was so shocked to see so many varieties and the colours were amazing. The Tower Larkspur reminded me of a hanging bell. Looking it up in the flower guide, I found out they will get to around 5 to 8 feet eventually and have over 50 flowers on each plant. It turns out it is highly toxic to cattle that roam freely in the mountain ranges. It is one of the biggest reasons that cattle will die, as after they eat the flowers and surrounding grass, they will get bloat which is secondary to muscle paralysis and both contribute to rapid death of the cattle! It is so crazy that it is so toxic.

The other flower I found was this beautiful purple flower with these yellow balls at then end of every flowers bud. It wasn’t finished blooming and you could see that it had more buds to open. I didn’t know what the yellow was and having pollen allergies I didn’t dare touch it as I didn’t want an allergy attack for the two and half hour drive back into the city. This flower is called Scorpion Weed! The name is scary too! It turns out that it was a real good thing I didn’t touch it as it is extremely toxic to humans, just by touch!

This is the flower that was most shoking! I am so glad the girls and I never touched it!! That would have really awful!

Have you ever been on a hike or walk, seen some nice plants or flowers and later found out they were poisonous or toxic?

Well hope you are all having a wonderful day! I would love to hear what kind of plants or flowers you might have encountered.

Remembrance Day / Memorial Day

Let is remember all those that have fought and died and all those that fought and returned. And especially all those that fought and are STILL there.

Today is a day we say Thank You – for your sacrifice; for you service.

Thank you for making our country safe and protecting us. We thank you.

If you know a veteran or a military person – please say thank you.

We are safe and we are free thanks to them!

Poetry Friday’s

This week my poem is all about grieving. There is so much around us. I wrote this poem during a time of losing some dear friends and a friend losing a child. Poetry helps me process my emotions and grieve. Hope it helps you too!

Grieving Death